Sports Enthusiasts Seek Live Events After Following Favorite Teams on Television

Every morning when you wake up and turn on the television, the screen tempts you to follow your favorite team. Evidently garnering information from your past viewing preferences, one of the first click thorough screens as you make your way to prompts you to set a reminder for watching an evening sporting event. And while you rarely take the digital bait to glue yourself to another night filled with screen time, these announcements serve as a daily reminder of one of your goals: visiting more professional baseball stadiums, football venues, and basketball arenas.

You are working toward this goal of making at least one visit every season, and to partially fund these events you are rethinking both your future and past purchases. For your family, shopping has, unfortunately, been an activity. As a result, your house is full of all kinds of things that you have spend money on. In addition to eliminating much of the clutter in your home, you are limiting your purchases. Realizing that you do not need to keep all of the items that you have bought or have been gifted allows you to move to the next stage of your life, which will include more adventure.. A time where cleaning out the basement, and maybe selling those some of those high end items you just had to have, can help you achieve your next goal and get you to a few more athletic events. You hope that you are also setting your children up for a better approach to life. An approach that focuses on not the accumulation of things, but the pursuit of travel and experiences.

What Major Sporting Events Have You Attended?

From Kentucky Derby packages to Baltimore Orioles home games, there are many available opportunities if you want to attend a major sporting event. And whether you plan your travel with a group of guys from work or college or your entire family, it is important to know that while there are many opportunities, they all take a little bit of planning.

Some sports enthusiasts tackle the planning for many of these events on their own, while others take advantage of sports travel packages offered by professional agents. With tickets, accommodations, and parking all included, these professionally prepared packages are often the easiest approach, especially if you are visiting a wildly popular event like a Baltimore Orioles home game. Knowing the great places to eat around the venue, as well as when to arrive for the best tailgating opportunities can help the biggest enthusiasts make the most of their travels.

Consider some of these facts and figures about major sporting events that drive the travel dreams that so many sporting enthusiasts have:

  • Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer are the five largest sports in the U.S.
  • Other top 10 favorite U.S. sports include tennis at sixth; golf at seventh; wrestling and martial arts at eighth; motor racing at ninth; and badminton at tenth.
  • Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia are the only five U.S. cities with all four major sports: Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League.
  • In addition to the popularity of professional sporting events, according to a Statista survey indicated that almost 31 million people attended a college sports event in the year 2017 alone.
  • By the year 2020, it is estimated that the North American sports industry will be worth more than $74 million.

If your dream this summer is to attend a Baltimore Orioles home game or other MLB event, you are not alone. In fact, there are a growing number of people who are seeking experiences instead of expensive jewelry, furnishings, and other items that fill our homes and clutter our lives. And if a Baltimore Orioles home game is not your thing, there are obviously many other professional sporting events that might tempt you.

What will it take to help you achieve your travel goals? Do you need to erase the clutter and temptation of other kinds of purchases or do you need to prioritize the way that you use your vacation time? Finding the answer can help you get to some of the most iconic events and venues in the country.

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