Site Remediation Projects

In this video, you will learn about remediation projects. The video goes through some examples of environmental site remediation projects and why they are needed. In this installment, they are on a site in Dawnville.

Video Source

It was a former plant nursery. Surface soils have been contaminated with arsenic. The developer wishes to develop the site into a building. With any remediation project, you have to look at the overall cost. You have to manage the analytical data and what is the most cost-effective. They are there today to look at areas that actually need to be cleaned up. There is a number of protected beneficial uses that you need to be aware of. Rubbage can be left on the site. Concrete pads can be removed prior to the audit being signed off. Another issue that you need to take care of on the site is asbestos. They will be removing that as part of the environmental site remediation. Preparation work is crucial for how much soil to put in. Each truck loaded up with contaminated soil will cost the client thousands of dollars. Having the site signed off takes a lot of work. Managing the site can be a tricky process.

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