Shaving Bats Adds Distance and Velocity

Over 36 million kids in the U.S. play organized sports each year, and 13.46 million people played softball or baseball within the last year in the United States. And while some of these athletes on join sports to spend time with their friends, many of these softball and baseball athletes move on to play at higher levels on the field. With the increase in talent and ability comes a need for the best softball and baseball equipment out there, including bats.

For the best softball bats and baseball bats, bat rolling and shaving have become popular methods of increasing performance with bat swing and contact. Bat shaving and rolling has been around more than a decade (since the advent of the composite softball bat). Back in the day, not everyone was aware that baseball and softball bats were being altered nor did they know the performance gains a simple modification like bat shaving and rolling can do.

Mostly used in softball, bat rolling is a process used to enhance pop and distance to a bat. By rolling a bat, a player is expediting the break-in time and the time it takes a bat to become “hot.” Rolling your bat allows you to use the bat’s maximum potential from its first swing while minimizing its expected wear-and-tear. Rolled Louisville slugger softball bats, for example, are rolled by inserting the bat between two rollers, using a press to squeeze the rollers together, and pushing the bat back and forth. This process compresses the composite fibers, which decreases the stiffness of the barrel walls and increases the trampoline effect of the rolled Louisville slugger softball bats.

Rolling a baseball bat or softball bat usually follows shaving a bat. Bat shaving is the process of removing the bat’s end cap and thinning out the inner walls in order to increase the trampoline effect. Shaving a softball bat (like the rolled Louisville slugger softball bats) shortens a bat’s life because you’re making the walls of the bat thinner. However, bat shaving adds an average of 40 feet of distance to hit balls.

All of Home Run Derby Bats Only’s rolled Louisville slugger softball bats are shaved to spec on our fully automated, precision lathe with digital 2-axis read out (DRO). The DRO tells exactly how far into the wall they are and how far down the barrel they go. The readout stops the machine at precisely the length of your barrel, eliminating any guess work when working on rolled Louisville slugger softball bats. Once shaving is complete, an air hose is used to blow out all the residual dust and weigh it to ensure the desired amount of material has been removed. Then, if end cap replacement is required, replacement end caps cannot be differentiated from the factory cap, have the same wear patterns as a factory cap and are very tough and durable.

Like bat rolling, bat shaving is punishable in almost all sanctioned league play and voids the warranty, so it’s important to regulate not only your own bat but the rules of the team and league in question. But when it comes down to following the top dog in shaved bats in slow pitch softball and fast pitch softball, the rolled Louisville slugger softball bats are the way to go in this market. Home Run Derby Bats can assure you that your bats are shaved to spec, rolled and not claimed to be, and put back together correctly with the proper epoxy compound and not just press fitted in. Within two to three days, you could be swinging the rolled Louisville slugger baseball bats with more power and more confidence.


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