Outdoor Wedding Plans Make for Beautiful Memories

This last Sunday was a weather to to remember. When you and your daughter left for your regular early morning walk the temperature was in the low 40s; an hour later when you finished the thermometer had dropped below freezing. By the time you left for 9:30 morning church service is had started to snow; an hour later when the service was over large, wet snow flakes were sticking to the car windshields. In spite of the changing weather, you went out for breakfast at your favorite restaurant. By the time you were finished eating an hour later, however, the restaurant, and the entire strip mall, was out of power. The waitress had to go old school when it came time to process your credit card for payment, and you decided to head for home the rest of the day.
Before the snow ended, a very heavy four inches of wet snow blanketed the lawns, weighed down the branches on the trees, and created a surprise Winter wonderland.

Do You Have a Backup Plan for Your Big Outdoor Celebration?

Two days later, of course, the temperatures were back in the 60s and the snow was a distant memory.

It is big weather swings like this that convince brides and grooms that they can schedule their ceremonies at outdoor wedding venues year round, as long as they have a back up plan. When the weather continually demonstrates that it can snow four inches in the second week of October and sky rocket to high 70s in January, a growing number of couples are willing to plan for outdoor wedding venues and take a chance that Mother Nature will cooperate.
Reception halls and indoor event venues are the perfect solution for many couples, but if you are someone who has always dreamed of a beautiful outdoor ceremony you likely have plenty of ideas about the ideal event. Realizing that you need to have a back up plan, however, is essential. A rogue snow storm or a sudden drop in temperatures can eliminate the outdoor plans that you may have. Knowing that you have an alternate indoor option can help you be prepared for the worst that Mother Nature can dish out.

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