Martial Arts Is More Than Just Fun

One of the many ancient martial arts is known as Muay Thai kickboxing. It is never a bad time to consider taking Muay Thai kickboxing classes, or just martial arts in general. Your reasons for joining Muay Thai kickboxing classes could be a serious nature, like burning calories or instilling discipline in yourself. Or maybe you are just looking to have fun. Whatever the reasons are, the benefits of Muay Thai kickboxing classes are plentiful.

If you are a fitness junkie, or you are looking to increase your physical activity and lessen a sedentary lifestyle, look no further than Muay Thai kickboxing classes. Muay Thai focuses on using your entire body as a weapon. This makes it an excellent tool for burning calories. Even spending an hour of Muay Thai or any martial arts for that matter, of moderate intensity, not even pushing yourself to the limit, can net you up to 500 calories lost. Just a whole hour! And as an adult, only 5 percent actually exercise for 30 minutes. Not many adults, only one in three, actually engage in the physical activity they need for a week.

For parents looking to get their child moving or think they spend too much time on computers, phones, and tablets like two-thirds of parents worry about, consider gauging their interest with martial arts. As early as two years of age and up, The American Heart Association, recommends your child, or children, should spend at least an hour of physical activity every single day. However, every martial arts program varies in their starting age, some even accept children as young as four. And it is certainly popular. In 2016, just in the United States. alone, children six and older participated in martial as high as 3.58 million. The following year of 2017 saw 2.38 million students six and older participating for just fitness alone.

Tai Chi saw 3.71 million students between the ages six and up in 2016 in the United States. That is only the tip of the iceberg for Tai Chi when you consider records dated Tai Chi as old as 2500 years old. Its benefits not only contribute to fitness but also some older adults practicing Tai Chi, 54 percent, have attributed Tai Chi to their improved confidence and balance.

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