Ideas for Pools in Small Backyard

If your backyard is small, you’re not doomed to a life without a pool. Believe it or not, there are some brilliant ideas for pools in small backyard that will assist you to overcome the space limitations of a small yard and create a beautiful pool all at the same time.

Here are ideas for pools in a small backyard that should be inspired if you’ve considered installing an outdoor swimming hole but were afraid it wouldn’t fit;

Create a Pool in a Long, Narrow Outdoor Space

A lot of homeowners think that adding a pool to their backyard is very expensive and not practical. However, there are ways you can reduce costs and create your resort-style pool even if you live on a small piece of land surrounded by buildings. Design your pool in a long and narrow design. This will give the illusion of a larger backyard since the length of the pool is also as long as the space you have to work in. Also, the pool will look like it is in its own space rather than merging with your garden or lawn. This is one of the great ideas for pools in small backyard because it frees up floor space which you can use to add more plants or create a seating area.

To create a pool in this kind of space, you first need to engage a land clearing company to help you in excavating the pool to the required depth. If you are on a tight budget, it would be best to make the shallowest end of your pool 3 feet deep and gradually increase the depth as you move towards the deeper end. This will allow all family members to enjoy swimming since they can play or lounge in the shallower end.

Incorporate a Water Feature

A pool is one of the most common highlights in a backyard. If you have a small space for your backyard, you can always opt to build a pool in it. You can consider having a swimming pool that also has some water features attached to it. With modern developments in design, there are now water features offered by various manufacturers which serve as good ideas for pools in small backyard. Some of these water features come in the form of a cascading wall. The pool wall has fountains that flow downwards and into the pool.

You can use this as part of your seating area, where you will sit down and enjoy the beauty of motion as it splashes on your face. Also, you can use it as a waterfall which will lead the water from the pool into your garden. This is one of the most outstanding ideas for pools in small backyard. Many people love to see falling water as part of their backyard landscape. If you want an even more sophisticated look, you can opt to have animal features for your water features and pool area.

Use an above Ground Pool

Using an above-ground pool in the backyard is among the best ideas for pools in small backyard. They have a smaller footprint when compared with in-ground pools, which means that they take up less space and need less water from a pool water delivery company. Furthermore, you can get one for use even if you don’t have much space in the backyard. The material used for making an above-ground pool is sturdy and durable, so you can expect it to last for many years. Installing an above-ground pool does not require much effort. The assembly process should only take a few hours at most, depending on the type of model that you choose. You need to secure the poles and inflate the backyard pond liner. You can also opt to install a salt water system in your above-ground pool that will help keep it clean. An above-ground pool is affordable, making this type suitable for people who don’t want to spend much on their backyard swimming pool. If you don’t have enough funds to spend on a permanent in-ground pool, consider looking at above-ground options.

Add a Spa

Pools are always among the top exciting ideas for pools in small backyard. They can take up quite a bit of room. If your yard isn’t big enough for a pool, consider adding a spa. Spas are more compact than pools and allow you to enjoy the benefits of sitting in warm water without the space commitment that comes with a pool. Spas usually take up around 400 square feet of space, while the average swimming pool takes up about three times that amount. You can enjoy many of the same benefits with a spa provided you have engaged the authorities in charge of land surveying services to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Revel in the warm water and maintain your water chemistry so you can swim and play in it without worry.

Spas are also designed to accommodate people who aren’t comfortable in the water, like kids and older adults. If you want a spa but don’t have room for one, consider hiring a landscape company to design your yard so it can accommodate not only your pool but your spa too. Designing your yard to include both a pool and spa will require careful planning. Spas need to be linked to your pool so they can draw water from it and send treated, filtered water back into the pool. This is referred to as a closed-loop system.

Create a Shaded Area around Your Pool

Small pools in the backyard can be dwarfed by the surrounding area and made to look like a little ‘puddle.’ You can do something about this problem by creating a shaded area around the pool. It is not a difficult task with the right ideas for pools in small backyard and landscaping materials. You can use natural or artificial materials to create the shaded area. However, artificial materials are lighter and easier to maintain than natural ones. You can use shade fabric available at most hardware stores to create a canopy over the area.

It is very affordable, and you can easily install it around your pool by yourself. You can also use lattice boards, wood chips and trellises to create a shaded area around the pool. Trellises have been used for years by gardeners worldwide as an easy way to grow climbing plants. They are now available in many different styles, including those that look like arbors that can be placed over the pool. You can also install a pergola to shade your pool area. A pergola is an elegant way to create a shaded area, and it gives your yard a Mediterranean look and feel. A pergola consists of posts and beams on which vines or climbing plants are trained to grow.

Build an Outdoor Bar

Building an outdoor bar is a great idea for pools in small backyard. You can make your backyard more stylish and organized with the help of an outdoor bar. Adding such a bar to your pool is a brilliant idea. You will be able to sit in the pool, drink something cold and have fun with your friends. If you don’t have a lot of space for an outdoor bar, there are simple designs that beginners can build. You need plywood sheets, wood screws, a hammer, and nails. These supplies are not expensive, so you can order everything you need from the local hardware. You can make different tables and shelves for your bar. Make sure everything fits together before you start to screw the pieces; otherwise, you will have to redo it. The most important part is a countertop because that’s where all the fun happens. If you don’t want to worry about any of these things, many companies offer such services. These companies can make everything you want, depending on what you like and the design of your pool. If you don’t know where to start with this building, some Internet research will help you a lot.

Incorporate Deck Space

One of the greatest ideas for pools in small backyard is to incorporate the deck space as a great idea for pools in a small backyard. Before adding the deck space to the pool area, you should think carefully about its function. The deck space should accommodate the types of activities that are frequently performed in the pool area. If you host lots of parties and grilling sessions, then the decking equipment should be easy to clean and withstand all that traffic.

Some homeowners choose to create a sitting area in the deck which is surrounded by uplighting. This is a great place to relax and enjoy all of your hard work! The deck space must be accessible to everyone that will be using it. If your small backyard doesn’t have enough room for a standard walkway around the pool, you may want to consider ripping out some of the grass and hiring a contractor dealing with concrete paving services to establish a concrete path. This allows people to move around the pool without damaging the grass. While this will save time on the need for a lawn care service, you should still keep the lawn healthy by fertilizing and aerating your grass every few months.

Use Aquatic Plants to Make Your Pool Look Bigger

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is probably one of the most common ideas for pools in small backyard. If you have a small space, don’t be sad; use an aquatic plant to make your pool look bigger! First, you have to decide which plants or flowers would look great in a pool. As a rule, choose strong and fast-growing aquatic plants to cover the area of the bottom quickly. Some ideas are water hyacinths, water lettuce, parrot feather, and duckweed. Aquatic plants usually have narrow leaves that don’t take much space, so that they will cover the bottom of your pool quite fast. You can plant them in a normal flowerbed or container full of soil. It’s not necessary to grow aquatic plants from seeds.

They can be bought in local stores, or you can plant them from your old pool plants. You should also know that different types of aquatic plants grow during each season at their best. Water hyacinths and water lettuce grow more actively during spring and early summer, parrot feather – only in the summer, while duckweed flourishes in fall. You can grow aquatic plants right in the pool. If you don’t want to use a flowerbed or container, tie their roots with a string to the side of your pool, but remember that they still must stand in water. It’s important! Aquatic plants will help you save some space and money.

Use Colored Tiles

Using colored tiles is a great idea for pools in small backyard. When you want to have a pool in your backyard, many people consider the problem with the limited space. One way to overcome this problem is by considering using epoxy floor coating alongside colored tiles that have various designs and shapes. Colored tiles are available in various forms which you can choose the preferable shape and design. The first thing you must do is measure your backyard size. Every design and shape of the pool which you can install has its own size. The best thing is asking for professional help, such as a pool designer or a property surveyor who will guide you throughout the process. When you want to use colored tiles, two ways can be done very easily; by attaching them directly to the surface or installing it on the floor. You can attach them directly with the help of adhesive, mortar, and grout. The adhesive will secure the tiles in position while grout is for filling the gaps between them. You can also attach it to the floor with mortar or grout, and then you use some sealants to protect it from water and other things that can cause damage.

If you have a small backyard, you can create a pool that fits your needs with these ideas for pools in small backyard. Residential pools come in different shapes and sizes these days. The best designs are eco-friendly for all sorts of yards. It is therefore important to note that, regardless of your backyard space, you can still have your dream swimming pool without worrying about the size of your space.

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