How to Repair Outboard Power Trims

As with most things in life, you only get to appreciate certain parts of your boat when it gets broken and fails on you. So, when your outboard power trims fail and all the other aspects of operating the boat have deteriorated, your first instinct will likely be to troubleshoot the issue.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to raise your engine or trim it for better fuel economy unless you’re looking to damage the trailer. You can, however, improve the performance of your boat with the tilt and trim unit.

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It allows you to alter the engine’s angle, making it possible to adjust the running surface of your boat.

If you love going out to the middle of the lake on your boat, then you should be able to fix it in emergency situations. But even without needing to repair your engine, you can tilt and trim it to optimize your boat’s performance depending on the situation. You can adjust it to reduce the draft in shallow waters or smoothen a rough ride in turbulent waters.

Watch this informational video by Bucks Garage, where you’ll discover how to fix outboard power trims without bringing the engine to a repair shop. Knowing how to tilt and trim your engine will make it easier to troubleshoot stern drives. But if you’re uncomfortable trying to fix the engine yourself, then there’s also no harm in bringing it to a professional.


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