How to Pick the Right Tractor for Your Farm

A tractor is a major investment for your farm, and it helps to do some research on all available options before making a choice. Depending on the kinds of tasks and terrain on your farm or homestead, you can pick a utility vehicle for speed, stability, cargo carrying capacity, safety and comfort. Many dealers offer kubota tractor packages with accessories for snow plowing, brush removal and sweeping.

Picking the right utility vehicle and tractor packages
Choosing the right tractor is an important decision. It’s not only the money you’re investing, but you’re picking the utility vehicle that will do all the heavy lifting on the farm. Utility vehicles have come along way and you no longer need to trade speed for stability of cargo capacity. The first step is to determine your needs, and then match them to the various models that you can try out at your local Kubota dealers.
Kubota have over a hundred years of experience in making farm equipment, and debuted their first tractors in Japan. You can find many different models, with specifications that will match your needs. Many dealers also offer kubota tractor packages and mower package deals, so you can plan to get all the accessories you will need at the same time.

The size and type of tractor and engine you choose will depend on the terrain, the kind of speed you need, as well as the kind of cargo you will be hauling. Will you need to attach a trailer to carry bales of hay or heavy feed bags? Or will you just be puttering around mowing the lawn?
New models can reach speeds of 40 mph with cargo. If you have a large farm with livestock that needs to be fed, you need to cover a lot a of ground quickly. The average farm size in Alabama is 209 acres, which is a lot of distance to cover. Check out the various speedy models at your local Kubota dealer, especially the acceleration and handling.
If you have rugged terrain, you need a model that can perform in all kinds of weather conditions. If your primary task will be maintaining the lawn, a zero turn mower can help you achieve a neat appearance.
Depending on the kinds of tasks you have at hand, you can get kubota tractor packages with trailer hitches, as well as accessories for plowing, snow removal, brush removal and sweeping. It’s a good idea to go for tractor package deals rather than wait and buy the accessories one by one, since you will end up paying less this way.
Safety and comfort are always important considerations, and many models come with LED headlights, mudguards and even a headrest.

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind your future needs, as your farm grows and you begin new projects. Once you’ve determined your needs, you can head over to your local Kubota dealer to field test their models. Remember to ask about Kubota tractor packages that will give you all the accessories you need to get the job done.

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