How to Choose the Right Fishing Reel

Whereas fishing is fun, finding the right fishing gear is where the challenge lies. You need to understand what tools to use if you want to make the best out of your fishing experience. You can have a great fishing experience by ensuring that you have the right rod reel, fly reel, fly fishing gear bag and fly fishing outfit. Unfortunately, most people do not know what to look for when choosing some of these items. However small these items might appear, they make a whole lot of difference with reference to your fishing experience. Take for example a rod reel; of course you do not expect to encounter any challenges when choosing a rod reel. It seems like a rather straightforward activity that involves walking into the nearest fishing gear store and asking for a rod reel. Easy right? However, you need to understand that a rod reel is an important part of your fishing gear but these come in different sizes. If you choose the wrong one, do not expect the fishing experience to be an amazing one especially if you are going fly fishing. There is also the issue of aspect ratio between the rod and the reel whereby they should be proportional. This is why manufacturers tend to have the two as a combo in order to develop the perfect combination. Here are some of the things you should know when choosing a rod and reel combo.

Pick the Right-Sized Rod
Choosing a rod reel can be more challenging than you think especially if you are not used to buy fishing gear. There are people who will be looking for custom fly reels and these will mostly be professional fly fishing experts. Even as a hobby, you can still enjoy fly fishing by having the right gear. One thing you need to know about fishing rods is that they have what is referred as power rating. For example, light fishing rods are best for light fish that you commonly find in the lake or salt water lake. There are also medium power rods that are perfect for medium weight fish such as walleye and bass. Many other saltwater species would also be perfect for the medium-light rods. Lastly, there are the power rods that are used when fishing large fish such as muskies and catfish. Ideally, the rod that you use should match the kind of fish you are out fishing for. Everything should be proportional so as not to apply undue pressure on the rod. Using the wrong rod for a different fish species that does not match the rod will also require you to use more effort when fishing.

Pick the Right Reel
If you are not sure which type of fishing reel is perfect for you, there is always help around from other fishing experts. The people at the fishing gear store can also assist you to choose the right reel if you are not sure what works best for the kind of fly fishing experience you are looking for. Some of the best fishing reels depend on the quality of the drag system where it is supposed to apply just the right amount of resistance once the fish starts pulling. This might sound like a complex and technical concept to understand but it is not. A smooth drag is what prevents the fish from breaking your line especially if the fish is trying to break free. A good drag also prevents the fish from taking too much of your line something that might cause you to have less control over the fish. The less control you have, the higher the chances of you losing the fish. Fly fishing is amazing depending on who is doing it and whether the right gear is in use. Without getting into the technical aspects of fly fishing, you can still enjoy an amazing time as an angler as a beginner and slowly progress into an expert angler as long as you use the right reel and rod combo.

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