How to Bait Cast Your River Fishing Rod

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If there’s one piece of advice anyone who’s ever gone king salmon fishing in Alaska could offer, they’d recommend learning and practicing how to bait cast with river fishing rods. Here are a few tips that can help.

Step 1.

When casting, anglers hold their river fishing rods with the tip slightly above eye level. They keep their wrists and forearm straight, applying pressure with their thumbs to stop the reel from turning.

Step 2.

Next, anglers begin raising their river fishing rods by moving their forearms towards their bodies. The key here is to keep the motion as smooth as possible, getting faster as they move.

Step 3.

Once river fishing rods start to hit their vertical positions, anglers stop moving their arms. If performed correctly, this should put a nice little bend in the rod, as the tip comes swinging forward.

Step 4.

Finally, anglers begin the forward motion of their cast. This is where they add a bit of an extra wrist motion of the cast so that they can give a bit more power to their river fishing rods. Once the rod is at a 45-degree angle from the water. They then release the pressure on the reel, and allow the power of their cast to send the lure flying towards their target. The key here at this point is to slowly increase the pressure again to slow down the lure so it lands where it’s supposed to.

Once you master bait casting, you’ll have no problem on whatever Alaskan fishing trips you go on. The key is to practice. The more you do, the better you’ll get. Just have some patience, and you’ll be sure to improve, and finally be good enough to land a lure where ever you want it to go.
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