Here’s Your Comprehensive Boat Buying Guide

For many people, owning a boat is a dream come true. Boat ownership can instantly change your lifestyle. For the first time, you can begin to spend weekends and holidays on the lake with your family and friends. You can get to hang out with people who, like you, enjoy boating. And, if you select the right boat, your investment can last for decades.

So how do you go about finding and buying the boat of your dreams? This article has all the information you need to have before taking the plunge.

1. Decide Between New and Pre-Owned

The first and most important decision to make before starting to visit boat dealers is whether you’re going to buy a new boat or whether a used one is ideal for you. New boats are a popular choice among many first time buyers. In 2016 alone, the sale of new powerboats went up between six and seven percent.

Perhaps the biggest reason people prefer new boats is because they come with a warranty. In the event of a boat malfunction, repairs are covered by the warranty, which can mean peace of mind for the boat owner.

Of course, you can decide to go for a used boat for sale, as long as you get it inspected to make sure it’s in decent condition.

2. Get a Boat of the Right Size

There’s a wide variety of factors to consider when it comes to the size of the boat you should buy. Think about where you’re going to be operating the boat. If you’re looking for a fishing boatthat you’ll be using on rivers and lakes, then go for fishing boats between 18 and 40 ft. Such boats have all the basic amenities that let you stay comfortable for an afternoon of fishing.

Also, think of how long you intend to be staying on the boat. Would you like to be staying on the boat overnight? Then you may want to consider larger pontoon boats. These boats usually have a galley, cabin, and many other amenities.

Another factor is the number of people you intend to take on the boat. If you’ll be taking a group of friends when you go boating, then you definitely want to talk to boat dealers with larger boats for sale.

3. Decide Whether to Go For Sail or Motor

The choice between a sailing boat and a motor powered boat comes down to personal preference and the activities you intend to use the boat for. Generally, powered boats are much easier to drive, while sailing boats depend on the wind.

If you plan to have the kids on the water skis on the back of a pontoon boat, then you’ll need to look for a powered boat for sale. But if you prefer some gentle cruising or quiet fishing, then visit boat dealers with sailing boats.

4. Shop Around Before Buying a Boat

When buying a car or a house, you visit several dealerships or neighborhoods before making the final decision. The same should apply when you are buying a boat. It’s a good idea to start your search online. Most reputable boat dealers or brands will have websites with lots of useful information for aspiring boat owners. Check out the options on offer before paying the boat dealers a visit. You can also check out the online customer reviews of a particular powersports dealership before starting to deal with them.

Another great idea is to attend a boat show. Such shows let you examine a wide variety of boat models and brands in person. They also give you a good opportunity to talk to boat experts and get their opinion on what boat is best for you based on your needs.


Purchasing a boat is a huge decision, but it does not need to be unnecessarily stressful. With enough research and a little bit of expert guidance, you can find the ideal vessel for you and steer clear of any pitfalls along the way.

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