Grip Strength is a Top Concern Among Sports

Open your hand and close it into a fist. This simple action, when improved and strengthened, can help your grip in any workout regiment that requires a strong grip, including athletic outlets. This is because it takes over 30 muscles to make a grip, so naturally, improving those muscles improves your grip.

Improving Your Grip

If you are a golfer, you will be delighted to know improving your grip has some serious applications for your game, giving you a much stronger grip on the club. Better grip equals more control over the club, and may even help you get that one in 64 million chance of a hole-in-one, maybe even two between nine holes like Kassandra Komma from Oakland University. Not to mention, you could be the next person to play golf on the moon, one of two sports ever played there.

In order to improve your grip, you will want to first invest in some equipment. Sticky gloves are a good start because you will be working with exercise equipment that can cause harm if your hands slip.

One type of exercise is known as “dumbbell farmer’s walk with a towel,” wordy, but is a valuable exercise. Take two small towels (washer towels are fine) and wrap them around the handle of a dumbbell. Be sure that your grip is secure. Grab both ends of the towel when the towel is secure and life. Now, walk around the room, usually 25 to 50 yards.

Next up is what is known as a “dead hang.” A simple, but effective form of pull-ups. Find a secure bar, lift yourself up with the back of your hands facing you, and hold it.

Aiming to be Great

It may seem silly at first to improve your grip, but believe it or not, even the “greats” had to improve theirs if they wanted to achieve some of the greatest moments in sports history. And, sure, there is a level of natural talent, but talent does not mean you can skimp out on practice. Do you think Jerry Rice would have so many receiving records if he did not practice his grip? His record stands at 1,549 receptions resulting in over 20,000 receiving yards, not to mention over 23,000 net yards with the nice cherry on top of 208 touchdowns. Football gloves can only help so much, the rest has to fall on the shoulder’s of one’s ability to grip the ball with strong and practiced hands.

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