Gone Fishin The 5 Most Essential Fly Fishing Tools for Beginners

Fly box

If you or someone you love has recently begun exploring the exciting world of fly fishing, then both a congratulations and our deepest sympathies are in order. That’s because fly fishing is both a deeply satisfying, joyful form of fishing, and a difficult, time consuming sport. So if you’re looking for the most essential fly fishing tools, either for yourself or as a gift, then there are some fantastic pieces of gear to buy.

First off, we’re going to skip over the absolute essentials like fly rods, fly reels, and lines, and instead focus on the other fly fishing tools you’ll need to expand your arsenal.

1. Fly Boxes, Fly Assortments

For many, the joy of tying your own flies is an essential part of the experience. But for many novices, it’s best to start with an assortment of pre-made flies.

2. Fly Tying Kits

For those who are ready to graduate to tying their own flies, fly tying kits are an incredibly helpful piece of gear. These essential fly fishing tools are a perfect gift for the off season, either for an angler you care about or a treat for yourself.

3. The Perfect Hat and Sunglasses

If you’re new to fly fishing, you’ll quickly learn that a humble hat is one of the most important fly fishing tools you’ll ever own. A favorite hat and pair of sunglasses are incredibly helpful when you’re gone fishin’.

4. Wading Boots, Wading Gear

Many anglers will tell you that the right pair of wading boots are one of the most essential fly fishing equipment. Listen to them. A durable, comfortable pair of wading boots is a must-have. If you’re buying them as a gift, don’t forget to save the receipt!

5. Fly Fishing Vests, Luggage

If you pick up any of the gear on this list, then pretty soon you’ll need a way to keep all your proper fly fishing tools organized. And while many people enjoy the quintessential fly vests, others prefer a more traditional tackle box. Either way, fly fishing boxes or luggage can be a helpful way to store all your expensive gear.

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments what you needed when you were new to the exciting sport of fly fishing!

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