Football Gloves Help Receivers Feel Like The Great Jerry Rice

Football is a great American sport that is played by many youth ages 14 to 18. It is estimated that there were 1.09 million participants in high school football during the 2016-2017 school year. Football is a game of skill, endurance, and teamwork.

Football Gloves

Football receiving gloves, otherwise called football gloves, are a tool used to make sure receivers are sure-handed. Receivers still need to know good form and proper technique, but receiving gloves aid them in catching the ball. Gloves are not as bulky as they once were, so players can still have the natural feel of hands when they grab the ball. Football gloves sticky spray can be applied to sport gloves of many types that will help receivers retain their catch.

Receivers’ gloves come with different properties. Some have rubber pads or bumps while others employ on the palm and fingers of the gloves silicon patches for the tacky effect. Still, others can be applied with a football glove grip spray that acts as the receiver’s second skin. Each of these types of gloves give players a good football grip.

Good In Inclement Weather

Receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and defensive backs want to be able to handle the football even in wet, rainy, or even snowy weather. Football gloves sticky spray give the player’s gloves the needed tackiness even in undesirable climatic conditions. Some gloves have an added layer for warmth, however, the side effect may be that the player cannot feel the ball as well as with gloves that retain a good football grip.

Football gloves also are padded on the back of the hands, which is designed to protect players’ hands from injury. Football is a contact sport and it is necessary for players to have the proper protection.


Football gloves are also designed for players who do not handle the ball as much as the typical ball carriers. Centers, for obvious reasons, need to be able to handle the ball well, as they are the “tip of the spear” in football handling. Linemen as well, whether offensive or defensive, need a good grip when blocking or tackling. Linemen need protection more than tackiness and therefore thicker gloves are appropriate for these rough and tumble positions.

Sport stores will have football gloves, football sticky gloves spray, golf gloves, and other sports paraphernalia in stock for your all of your athletic endeavors.

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