Five Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

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You aren’t just throwing any old college-aged house party, nor are you pulling together another mediocre annual family reunion. You’re putting together the party of your life — your wedding! Apparently, we spend around $40 million on weddings every year, with most of us averaging about $28,082 for a wedding. Here are a few tips and tricks to throwing the part of your life (without breaking the bank).

Time and place: Think about what season you want your wedding to take place. Within that season, what month would you like to have it in? Week? Etc. Many brides will even look at a weather history for a specific date and determine which date is most likely to not have any precipitation. If you are going to have an outdoor party, it may be best to check out some party rental equipment, specifically outdoor party tent rentals.

Guest list: The more the merrier? Not quite! Remember, the more guests you have, the more party rental equipment you may need (because lets face it, you won’t be buying all of those supplies). You can have everything from table napkin rentals to a dance floor rental. Choose guests who YOU and your spouse want at your wedding, not who your guests want at your wedding.

Pick a theme: Having a themed wedding is all the rage these days, and wedding decoration rentals are now catered towards such themes as Great Gatsby, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Surveys show that around 89% of brides have a budget in mind when they start planning their wedding; so stick to the budget when it comes to themes. You may find that you will save quite a bit of money because you won’t be spending feverishly on random decorations.

Make it known: Unfortunately, many wedding supply rentals don’t include renting wedding invitations to send out to your guests. But there are cheaper ways of spreading the word about your big day. Many brides have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and email to let their friends and family know about the wedding date. You won’t even have to waste paper — this will be free!

Food and entertainment: You can’t possibly think to have a wedding without a dance floor. However, just because you have a dance floor, doesn’t mean to absolutely need to rent a DJ for your wedding. Instead, use an app that is catered towards what you and your significant other enjoy (as long as its reasonable). When it comes to food, you should include party rental equipment such as wedding linen rentals for your guests. When dealing with food, stick to a menu with no more than three options to choose from.

The average cost of wedding rental equipment in the is around $1,385, which in the grand scheme of things is a very reasonable price to pay for your big day! See this link for more.

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