Experience Exhilaration on the Back of a Personal Watercraft or Harley

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Are you interested in taking up a new sports activity? Whether it’s on the land or the ocean, chances are that you want to feel the wind at your back.

Recreational Boating

During 2014, over 87 million adults in the United States were involved with some form of recreational boating. This included using a variety of boats to go fishing, water skiing, and/or traveling.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a personal watercraft, you may be interested to know that in 2015 alone, 11.9 million recreational watercraft were registered in the United States. This includes jet skis as well as other types of personal watercraft.

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? Were you aware that they have the most stringent environmental requirements in the country? If you plan to take 1 of the 30 models of direct-injection and 4-stroke personal watercraft to Lake Tahoe, you will be welcome to do so. This is because these models have proven to be environmentally-friendly.

The same 2-stroke engine technology is used for both personal watercraft and the newer types of outboard motors. Direct injection, which is a new technology being used on personal watercraft, has 75% fewer emissions than traditional outboard motors. This also makes these craft friendly to the environment.

Even if you haven’t experienced a personal watercraft yet, you’ve probably seen them and noticed that they’re less than 13 feet long. Since they don’t have a hull, these craft are designed to be operated by someone standing or kneeling.

Recreational Motorcycling

While many motorcycle owners will commute to work, others ride for fun and recreation. On average, motorcyclists will spend at least 100 days a year on the back of their ride. Over the course of a year, these riders cover a considerable amount of terrain. Recent figures show that this amounts to over 1.5 billion miles!

A recent survey showed that 71% of motorcycle owners have taken at least 1 training course. While not every motorcyclist joins a biking association, the average member has ridden for a minimum or 26 years.

When it comes to maintaining their ride, 30% of motorcycle owners take care of this themselves. Around 60%, however, handle as much as they can before taking their motorcycle into a motorcycle repair shop.

Whether you’re looking for a jet ski for sale or a new or used motorcycle for sale, chances are you’re ready to spend more time outdoors. Just imagine the exhilaration you’ll feel while riding each of these popular recreational vehicles.

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