Everything You Need for Your Next Hunting Trip

Camping supplies

Are you planning a hunting trip this season or once the weather warms up? You might already have everything you need, but maybe your hunting gear could use some replenishing. Each year, the average hunter spends approximately $1,638 on hunting gear — which can be a small price to pay for such a rewarding hobby or a large expense for those who need to budget. Getting started early with your shopping can help limit the necessary expenses for this activity.

If you’re in need of some new gear for this year’s hunting season, you won’t want to leave the following items off your checklist:


In order to remain unseen by wildlife, most hunters choose camouflage jackets, coveralls, and other garments. These clothes should be comfortable enough to allow for movement, and they should keep you warm in cold weather.


Most hunters will visit their local gun shops to find the right firearms for hunting. However, in addition to gun shops, you can also check your local sporting good store to find guns for hunting, archery equipment, knives, and more.

Tree Stands

Many hunters prefer to have a vantage point that allows them to see what is below them. A tree stand, or chair that can be attached to a tree, is a good option for hunters who plan to stay out for some time.

Decoys and Traps

To lure prey, hunters will sometimes use decoys to attract animals. These decoys resemble the animals themselves and are perfect for getting them out into the open. Hunters may also prefer traps, duck or other calls, and certain natural scents to mask their own smells.

Camping Gear

Will your hunting trip last a few days? If so, you may want to consider stocking up on camping supplies. Each year, more than 43 million people go camping, and they often combine their camping trips with other outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing. A camping trip is the perfect time to enjoy hunting, as well.

Food Processing Equipment

Finally, many hunters also need supplies for once the hunting trip is over. Make sure you have all the right equipment necessary for cleaning, processing, and storing meat after the hunt.

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