Custom Pool Designs Can Make Your Back Yard Your Own Personal Oasis

Custom swimming pools

You woke to a heavy fog the first Saturday morning in February. As you struggled to look out the back windows of your home and into the park you were reminded of your Dad’s oft repeated warning. He claims that 100 days after a heavy fog in the winter will be a snow. Since this is the second time this winter a heavy fog set in during the early morning hours, you fear that this winter will be a long one. You have not yet had much snow, but if even one of the two snow predicting fogs is correct you could be shoveling the white stuff well into March.
You know that late winter or early spring snows do not last long, but you still wish that you could fast forward to the warmer days and put this Winter of 2017 behind you. Fortunately, as you long for the warmer days of spring and the hot days of summer you are making plans that will keep you focused on the approaching days of kids in the back yard playing in a new inground swimming pool. Looking at various options for custom swimming pools helps you think about the much long for days of summer, instead of wondering how many more snowfalls you will have as predicted by heavy fogs in February.
Installing Custom Swimming Pools Help Many Parents Create a Space That Keeps Children at Home
We live in times when many parents feel disconnected from their children. As teenagers stay connected with their friends and peers through social media and instant messaging, they can sometimes become distanced from their parents. And while all high school and college age students need to make moves toward standing on their own and separating themselves from their parents, many families look for ways to stay connected beyond hand held screens. Just as having the best food on hand can mean that the kids will gather at your home after the game, so too will custom swimming pools create popular spaces for teenagers and their friends.
Parents who want to create reasons for their children to stay home find that planning a swimming pool construction project will garner a lot of attention. Long, summer afternoons with your children and their friends at the pool provide a perfect setting for parents to observe and understand the world of today’s youth.
Whether you are planning a traditional inground pool or one of the many infinity pool designs, a backyard pool will provide a popular space for gatherings of friends and family.
Pool Design Can Dictate How the Space is Used
By the year 2015, outdoor entertainment areas grew into a $7 billion industry. This number represents a 4% increase from the year 2014. As a part of these outdoor spaces, custom swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, current statistics indicate that as many as 10.6 million swimming pools are now in the U.S.
As the options of other entertainment options continue to grow, the custom swimming pools offer even more creative space use. Some home owners go so far as to add large rock structures that serve as a way to climb to a diving space for pools that have deep dive tanks worked into the designs.
Although the visual impact of a pool is difficult to deny, another reason that some families install a backyard pool is to provide exercise opportunity for every member of the family. Research indicates, for example, that swimming is the most popular recreational activity for American children and teenagers between the ages of seven and 17. Did you know, for instance, that a single hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories?
In addition to providing an opportunity for a great exercise experience, swimming pools also provide some families a way for teenagers to make money. Competitive swimmers, for instance, often teach swim lessons. A backyard pool provides a space where these swimming lesson fees can all go to the students, as opposed to receiving only partial payments from an employer. High school swimmers set their own schedules and often quickly feel their slots with children who are anxious to learn to swim.

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