Cool Off All Summer In Your Brand New Pool! Find Out How!

Backyard pool

Summer is approaching and as the heat gets stronger, we are thinking about how to cool off. Or maybe summer is ending and you are wishing that you could have had close access to a nice sparkling, clear, cool swimming pool at your beck and call. Well, don’t let another summer pass without making those wishes come true! Here are some practical things to think about when considering building an in ground pool right in your own backyard.

  1. First what you want to consider is area. How big or small will the pool be depending on the size of your yard. Or where will it go? How deep will it be?
  2. After you answer those questions you can begin to think about the cost. The cost will vary depending on the answers to those important questions. Generally the cost will range anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.
  3. The pool construction process can take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks, barring any complications, so even though it is not a very long time, after you decide this is definitely what you want to do, you will also have to decide when would be a good time to have all that work going on in your back yard.
  4. After these decisions are made, there are more. Building a fence around your pool is a good idea, especially if you have little ones. The fence should be at least four feet tall.

After picking out a filtration system and the aesthetics, such as the pool design and of course a contractor, the pool construction process will be ready to begin. Once it’s done there will be yet more things to consider, such as if you want it professionally cleaned or to do it yourself. Realistically speaking, a team of experts could come every week and clean it out for you and that would be that but you could also do the cleaning yourself and it would be done in less than 20 minutes, providing that you have the correct equipment. It is suggested that at the same time, once a week, chemical testing should be done to ensure the pH levels are at a good point. However you decide to maintenance your pool is fine but just make sure it gets done! A pool not properly maintained can lose up to half its original life span.

Having said all that, all these decisions and things to remember can make having in ground pools a daunting task but trust me, it’s worth it! Once the initial decisions are made and the pool is ready to go, it’s very routine to keep it maintained weekly and annually. Also, make sure the pump and basket are checked regularly as they will be used on a daily basis whether or not the pool is.
Swimming is not only fun but it is great exercise and don’t forget those lines you won’t have to wait at, at the water park next summer! So, go ahead and get that pool construction process going!

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