Buying Your Next ATV or Boat

Despite the rise of modern cities and urban life, many Americans long to return to nature for sports and other leisure. This is often done with the assistance of specialized vehicles such as speed boats, pontoon boats and fishing boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and more. No one would want to drive a sedan over rough terrain or explore sand dunes in a pickup truck, so rugged and specialized vehicles are used instead. Popular brands such as Arctic Cat and others offer such vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. A resident of Michigan might enter “arctic cat dealer in michigan” or “used arctic cat dealer in michigan” to find a local retailer for outdoor vehicles, and they may look for pontoon boats for sale in a similar manner. How might this work?

Land Vehicles

ATVs, mountain bikes, dune buggies, snowmobiles, and more are tough vehicles designed to resist extremes of rough terrain, temperature, sand and snow, and more while they’re used, and they can be used for sports, leisure, or even work in some cases. Many northern American states and Canadian regions make use of snowmobiles from Arctic Cat and related brands. An interested shopper may find these dealers online with a query such as “arctic cat dealer in michigan”, as mentioned above, or “snowmobile arctic cat dealer in michigan” or Minnesota or Montana. The seeker may also enter the name of their city or town, county of residence, or even their ZIP code to find something local. Snowmobiles and ATVs might be found closer by than some customers may realize. Such vehicles may be bought new for a cutting edge model with new features, and a full warranty besides. Other buyers may make do with a used vehicle at a discounted price. A used ATV or snowmobile, though, should be looked over and test-driven before purchase to ensure that it’s in fine working order.

Buy a Boat

Something similar may be done when someone is looking for a boat to buy, such as speed boats or pontoon boats. This is a huge industry, as many Americans like to get out onto the water such as lakes or along the Florida or California coasts. In fact, around 95% of Americans live within driving distance of a navigable body of water, and yearly sales of boats, marine products, and services grew 3% in 2016 to reach a total value of $37 billion. WHat’s more, this supports many related industries such as retailer staff, boat builders, marine suppliers, and more. The recreational boating industry has an economic impact of some $121.5 billion, including direct, indirect, and induced spending all across the nation. This also supports nearly 650,000 direct and indirect jobs and around 35,000 small businesses.

Customers tend to come from middle-class households that make under $100,000 per year (but not a lot less), and tend to be older Americans aged 40 and up. More and more Millennials, young adults born 1982-1995, are entering the boat market, though, and they’re an expanding buyer demographic for cars and houses, too. Many marketers are thus paying close attention to the spending power, habits, and interests of this generation.

Young or old, a boat customer may look online to find local retailers of boats, and visit to find their next purchase. Boats are usually sold at retailers on dry land, but often come packaged with a trailer for ease of transport to and from bodies of water, storage sites, and elsewhere. Trucks and strong SUVs can handle that towing work.

A boat may be either new or used, and new ones are more expensive but have modern features and safety standards and are also the most fuel-efficient. They will have full factory warranties and won’t have repair issues, but some buyers may not have the budget for them. Instead, they’ll browse the market for used boats. Before a purchase, the buyer should test the motor with a test drive and also inspect the body for cracks or holes, intruding wildlife, or even worn-out boating carpet. If everything checks out, a used boat may be bought for a greatly discounted price and compare roughly similarly to a new one. Minor repairs can be made without too much trouble or expense, such as for worn-out boating carpet.

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