Bike Racks Are the Future

Bicycle racks for cars

It is no secret that city life in the United States is making a very significant comeback. In these flourishing cities, residents have been opting out of motor vehicles and into bicycles and many cities have seen this trend and have begun to accommodate cyclists. Building special bike-only lanes and setting up bike stands for people to rent city-owned bikes are only just a few of the ways major cities are catering to bicycle riders these days. In 2014, lane projects in 53 cities in 24 states were on the ground, and by the end of that year, the country had 200 bicycle lanes. That was four times the number the US had in 2010.

Shifting transportation usage from motor vehicles to bicycles can save money for all involved, not just the cyclists themselves. Shifting for driving to cycling will cut the costs to society in general by 25 cents per mile in average city-wide conditions to 50 cents per mile during heavy traffic times. Bicycling isn’t just for exercise or personal savings, the cost benefits can be and are felt all throughout the community.

That doesn’t mean that all cars have to be abandoned altogether. On the contrary, the use of bikes and cars together can make for a well-balanced transportation package. Taking your bikes with you on bicycle roof racks so that you can use it where ever you go keeps the option for biking always open. Even tandem bike racks can serve you well when taking trips outside of the city. Bike hitch racks are also an option if you have the right type of car or truck.

Many couples who enjoy biking together have gone in favor of tandem bikes. This gives a couple the ability to stay together while on a ride, enjoying the scenery and the exercise together. Tandem bike racks are the perfect answer to long trips and travel concerns when it comes to taking your bikes with you on a journey long or short. Bicycle racks for cars can be purchased online or from any bicycle retailer in your area. There is most likely a knowledgeable salesperson in the local bike shop near you who can size up your vehicle and show you just what you’ll need when it comes to choosing the best bicycle rack for your car.

If you ask around, you are most likely to find that adults everywhere would like to bicycle more than they do now. Whether it’s a feeling that they lack the time or a properly fitted bike, reasons to not ride can be far outweighed by the benefits of getting on a bike and putting feet to peddle.
The cities around the country are making moves every year to increase the level of bike riding within the city limits. The suburbs are also following suit, building bike paths through parks and alongside roads so that bikers can ride safely. Take it to the streets. You’ll remember what it was like to be a kid again while improving your health at the same time. If you don’t want to bike alone, tandem bike racks are for two. Strap them on and take to the trails.

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