Benefits of Custom Order Pom Poms

Youth cheer megaphones

When you think of pomp poms, you likely think of cheerleading squads, and you wouldn’t be alone. Including grade school, high school, college, and professionals, there are over four million cheerleaders in the United States alone.

The sport of cheerleading dates back over 100 years. As long as there have been sports, cheerleading has been a rich part of the athletic tradition. Originally, cheerleading was a strictly male activity. Like most organized teams and events, females weren?t allowed to participate. However, as time went on, cheerleading went to co-ed, and is now a predominantly female activity.

While cheerleading squads are widely interested in custom order pom poms, they certainly aren’t the only groups that buy them. Schools and athletic booster groups can order custom pom poms to sell to students, families, and fans to use during sporting events to cheer on their team.

Event organizers are also commonly buying custom pom poms. Large scale events and fund raisers can use them to build excitement before and during the event. Business grand openings, relay-for-life fund raisers, marathons, and local sporting events are all examples of the types of events that can use cheer poms.

Being able to order the pom poms in desired colors gives businesses and organizations the opportunity to emphasize their branding by ensuring that all attendants are getting or using pom poms in their specific colors.

Custom order pom poms are also fun. Children and adults alike have fun cheering with pom poms. They add a clear level of excitement and flair to events. For adults, they bring out that inner child, and they excite anyone that used to be a cheerleader or secretly wanted to be a cheerleader.

When ordering, you can choose from plastic pom poms or metallic pom poms. You can also order child size pom poms. Not planning a big event? No problem, these also make great gifts for your favorite sports fan. You can order pom poms in a nearly unless combination of colors to cover all possible sports teams.

It doesn’t matter if your child’s school doesn’t provide pom poms, you can buy your own. That way parents and grandparents can cheer on their favorite athlete in style.

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