Basic Golf Cart Repairs and Services

Golf carts are an exciting addition to any garage, especially if you’re an avid golfer or live where having a golf cart is a part of the community culture. Obviously, golf carts are a little different from regular automotive vehicles, but those differences are more than just surface-level.

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Golf cart repairs and services vary from what you can expect to schedule for your car or boat, so here are a few of the basics.

Check the Owner’s Manual

Like cars, there are different makes and models of golf carts. In this video, Club Car goes over some of the basic maintenance elements of owning one of their vehicles.

Although many golf carts look and function similarly, it’s best to check your manual to see if there are any unique features or warranties that require specific services.

Just Add Water

One of the golf cart repairs and services that owners can do on their own is to add water to the battery. Similarly, you should be able to add in other fluids as necessary, depending on the make and model of your golf cart.

Clean It Up

Make sure your golf cart is in top condition by ensuring it’s clean and well-oiled. Typically, manufacturers provide instructions for lubricating breaks and other elements on your own.

Although many golf cart repairs and services can be done at home, sometimes it’s necessary to call in a professional. Don’t delay doing so when it is!


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