Attract Fish to Your Dock With LED Lighting

Led underwater lights

You bought a place right on the water because you love the location. You love the lake or the bay or wherever it is you have out your roots.

For many people, the reason they love the water so much has at least something to do with the fish and various creatures that will make appearances from time to time around your dock, pier, or boat house. If you would like to have those occasional visits become more frequent, try installing blue underwater led lights.

Underwater LED lighting attracts fish by producing the brightest underwater illumination, creating a vibrant and amazing display that brings them closer to you so that you can fully enjoy their visit.

Of course, the farther out the lights shine, the more fish you will attract. With blue underwater led lights, there are three main factors that determine the distance the lights will shine in the water.

The first is probably the most obvious, and that is the brightness of the lights you are installing. It would follow that the brighter the light, the greater the distance it will shine. Find blue underwater led lights that will pierce through the water and you will find that the fish will come to see what the party is all about.

The second factor is the color of the lights, themselves. Studies of underwater lighting have shown that the three best colors to use if you want to attract fish and other marine life are green, white, and blue underwater LED lights.

Of course, different color lights are going to work better depending on what type of water you have to put them in. The clarity of the water is a very important factor in deciding what color will work best for your situation. Do you have a lake with brownish water or a bay with water that is more clear?

Regardless of what color lighting you decide to use, most LED lights will give you roughly the same type of performance. A typical LED light will have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. When you think about it, that means that once you install them, you could use them for eight hours per night, every night, for the next thirty-four years. Not a bad investment, right?

Underwater marine lights are the perfect compliment to your outdoor oasis. You love what you see during the day when you stroll down to the pier to relax by the side of the water. Dangling your feet off the side of the wooden deck and into the calm waters below makes you feel like you are more connected to nature, somehow.

Now, with marine dock lights, you can have that experience at night, and then some. Imagine sitting on your deck late at night when suddenly and quietly you see a small school of fish approach the blue underwater LED lights you have attached to your dock. There is nature at its best and you have been able to be present to it.

We buy our lake houses and bayside properties because we love how the water makes us feel. One of the reasons we feel so good being close to the water is that we know it is alive. So many creatures, large and small, live beneath the surface. If you haven’t already experienced the magic of LED lighting on your dock or pier, now is the time to install the LED lighting that will bring you joy for the next quarter century and then some.

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