A simple Guide for Buying Wading shoes

Wading shoes can make or break your fishing experience. A good wading shoe will provide stability, comfort, and traction and consequently make your fishing safe and enjoyable. In fact, the main function of wading boots is to provide traction. Fishing streams are covered with loose gravel, slippery surface, and steep hills. Quality wading shoes come in handy in providing safe conditions.

What to Consider

When buying wading footwear, the first thing to consider is whether the shoes have firm ankle support. Most rivers have unstable bottoms. If the river is rocky, you are very likely to turn your ankle at least once. To avoid a painful walk home, it is important to invest in footwear that supports your ankle well and provides better balance. Another major consideration is the shoe’s tongue. An ideal tongue should be sewn straight from boot’s side. Walking in sand or pebble filled shoes is perhaps the worse experience you will have when fishing. Lastly, good wader shoes should allow you to move in and out freely.


Wading shoes have special soles. The two most common types of soles for wading shoes are felt soles and rubber. Rubber boots are good for anglers who have to transverse through woody areas. Wading shoes with rubber soles are very similar to normal hiking boots.

Felt soles shoes have thicker soles due to an attached layer of felt. The felt enable the wading shoes to have a proper grip to maneuver slippery rocks extremely well. One drawback of these shoes is that they tend to wear down, especially when walking on trails. The good news is that you can easily replace the felt if it wears out when walking to and from water.

Another sole from wading shoes is studded sole. They are the ideal for serious traction. Basically, these wading shoes have normal rubber or felt sole with additional metal spikes around the heel and toe area. This allows them to provide grip even on the most slippery surfaces.

If you are planning to wade in extremely rocky, fast-flowing, and deep rivers, simple wading shoes is not the best idea. You should get boot cleat for attaching into your normal wading boots if you are looking for sturdy footing. Wading cleats are leather strap that has small metal spikes for the sole.


Wading shoes range from lightweight sneakers to heavy-duty boots. You should choose wading shoes that fit best to your needs. The types of fishing you plan on undertaking should inform your decision on what to choose. If you have to transverse through obstructions and long distances, you will want to go for durable hiking shoes. Lightweight wading shoes that have felt soles provide added traction. They are suitable for wading all streams and slick rocks. Sneaker wading shoes are suitable for shallow streams. Gator wader shoes is ideal choice if you want look good and comfortable without going deep into the water.


One of the most important things to consider when buying wading shoes is durability. Cheap wading shoes will get destroyed quite easily. The constant dry and wet conditions will easily break the cheap materials used to make poor quality wading shoes. The best choice is to buy shoes made from water repellent synthetic material. Leather material will also withstand the constant barrage of the river. You should also choose wading boots with high-quality laces. High-quality polypropylene or nylon lace can withstand the constant pressure of water. Cotton laces are not the best idea to choose.

The most common material for making wading shoes is microfiber, such as nylon and polyester or synthetic leathers like Nubucks. The materials allow water to flow in out of the shoes freely. They do not absorb too much water meaning they are fairly comfortable and light. The lightweight attribute makes your fishing experience comfortable and fun. Also, suitable material should let your feet breath freely. Expensive wading shoes are made from a combination of nylon and leather for enhanced durability.

When choosing wading shoes, invest in a quality affordable piece. Comfortable and waterproof boots will not only ensure your fishing experience is fun but also reduce the risk of injury.

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