8 Tips to Get You Through Your First Triathlon

Mountain bikes

Are you thinking about competing in an andurance event? Would you ever consider competing in a triathon? Every year, more than 500,000 people participate in at least one triathlon. An average person who is in decent shape will finish a triathlon in between four and six hours, if the course is flat. More and more people are trying triathlons. In 1998, a little more than 100,000 people competed in triathlons. That number was up to andnbsp;550,446 in 2013.

Triathlons include a running, swimming and biking section. For the real endurance sports fan, there is always Ironman in Hawaii. Competitors in that will run a full marathon (26.2 miles), swim 2.4 miles and bike 112 miles. Fortunately, if you would like to try a triathlon, there are much shorter ones you can try! If you are concerned about the triathlon bike portion, you should not be. Some people use mountain bikes. Some go to their local bike shops and get triathlon bikes for the race.

Tips for Completing a Triathlon:

  1. Get a jump start on your race day eating the day before the event. Your body will need enough fuel to get yourself through your first triathlon. This is not to say you chow down teh day before your event but you sbould pay attention to the kinds of foods you put into your body the day before your race. In the 24 hours before your race, you should limit your carb intake but make sure every meal has a decent amount of protein in it. Make sure your last big meal before the race is eaten at least 10 hours before your race begins. Remember to drink water throughout the day on the day before your race.
  2. Enjoy your race day breakfast at least two and a half hours before your start time.andnbsp;This meal should have between 25 and 30% protein, 50% carbs and 20% fat. When you sleep, your blood sugar drops and you begin to tap into your body’s glocogen stores. Your breakfast should have at least 120 calories. If your stomach is touchy, try kefir or yogurt.
  3. Drink water as you need to.Some people get really nervous before a race and that causes them to drink a lot more water than they are used to. Be careful to not do that.
  4. Get your heart rate up before you start the race.andnbsp;Start warming your body up before the race begins. Your goal should be to get your heart rate into the aerobic zone before you begin the actual race. Get your body ready for the upcoming challenges by warming up before the real thing gets underway. If you can warm up in the water, take advatage of that opportunity and do it.
  5. Do not forget to put on sunscreen.=You will need a good, waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF. Have a friend meet you along the way with spray (or have it in your pack). One coating will not last the entire race, especially with the swim and if you sweat a lot. It is still important to protect your skin from the sun.
  6. Put an extra bottle of water on your bike.Some people only have one bottle and many people drop one. You can do yourself a favor by having an extra bottle of water on your bike in case you do drop one.
  7. Get friends and family to cheer you on along the race route.If you are doing the race near home or in a town where you have friends and family, ask them to come by to cheer you on This can make a big difference in your morale along the race route.
  8. Get a massage!Some races have free massages available for participants after the race. If yours offers this service, take advantage of it. Your body will thank you for it later!

Many Americans are finding competing in triathlons to be very rewarding. People who finish them say they enjoy pushing themselves and then they love the feeling they get when they get to the finish line. There are clubs and other groups all over the country for people who are looking to finish their first triathlon. You can also make some great friends and running buddies who can train with you.

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