5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wearing Body Armor Clothing


After a string of recent public shootings and tragedies, many civilians are concerned for their own personal safety and that of their loved ones ? and understandably so. As such, many people have taken to wearing protective or body armor clothing as an added measure of safety and security.

Although bulletproof body armor and tactical gear is commonly worn by trained military personnel and law enforcement officers, civilians can still experience the benefits of wearing protective or body armor clothing in their everyday life. With a variety of body armor levels that provide different levels of protection, civilians can easily find the right armor and level of protect to fit their needs.

Like any kind of equipment, body armor requires some specialized knowledge in order to be used and worn effectively. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about body armor clothing:

Body armor is hot and heavy

There are a number of important reasons why law enforcement officers and military personnel are required to be in top physical condition, and body armor is one of them. Tactical body armor and police duty gear is heavy and the insulation it provides can trap body heat. Add to that a high level of physical activity, and it’s easy to see how tiring it can be to wear body armor. Even lighter or softer body armor that weighs roughly five pounds can be exhausting to someone who isn’t used to wearing it.

Breathing might be difficult

Like wearing a corset, body armor can be somewhat tight fitting and restrictive. This can make it difficult to breathe, especially under any kind of physical stress or exertion. Protective body armor clothing should fit snugly, however a snug fit may also make it difficult for your chest to fully expand and draw in air. Learning how to breathe when wearing body armor is important, and taking frequent shallow breaths is highly recommend.

Your shooting stance will change

Body armor will have a dramatic and noticeable impact on any kind of physical activity you perform, especially firing a weapon. This is especially true with body armor that contains hard, rigid plates, even though soft armor will still interfere with your shooting stance. Even if you don’t own or fire a weapon, body armor will limit your physical abilities in hand to hand combat or any other kind of physical activity. It’s important to wear body armor and become acclimated to its weight and characteristics before fully engaging in any kind of physical activity.

Concealed body armor clothing is a great way to enhance personal safety and security, and knowing how to wear it properly can help you get the most out of it! When in doubt, contact the manufacturer with any questions or concerns.

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