5 Reasons You Should Add LED Lighting To Your Boat

From TVs to display signs to street lamps, LED lighting is everyone. Where LED lighting was once considered a trend, it is now fast become the lighting standard in many industries. At least 95 percent of an LED is recyclable and the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the adoption of LEDs in residential and commercial lighting will save approximately $265 billion over the next 20 years.

When using LED lights, the benefits are numerous:

  • LED lights are long lasting. A typical LED bulb has approximately 50,000 hours of life and some last longer than that. That makes it easy to forget about LED bulbs after you install them. Rather than changing regular light bulbs every few months, you can install LED bulbs and forgot any past lighting issues.
  • LED lights save energy. If the United States replaced 50 percent of its incandescent holiday lights, the energy savings would be around $17.2 billion. In addition, residential LEDs use approximately 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.
  • The luminous efficacy of LED lights is better than other forms of light. An incandescent lamp only converts about nine or 10 percent of the energy fed into it into light. LEDs convert nearly 100 percent of energy consumed into light.
  • LED lights are durable. LED bulbs are not fragile or made of glass. This makes for easier installation.
  • LED lights emit low heat. The typical incandescent bulb converts 90 percent of energy to heat with an emission of 85 btu/hour. An LED bulb converts 80 percent of energy to light rather than heat and emits 3.4 btu/hour.
  • LED lights are eco-friendly. If every American exchanged one incandescent light bulb with an Energy Star LED, it would equate to removing the emissions for more than 640,000 cars.

Now imagine taking all of those LED benefits and applying them to your boat. LED lighting on boats is catching on as well whether you’re installing marine light bars, boat LED strip lights or waterproof LED lights for boats. Boats already cost a lot of money for maintenance and equipment, so installing LED marine light bars can give you once less thing to worry about and more time to enjoy your time on the water.

Since LEDs are long lasting and convert more energy into light, more boaters are using them to avoid draining on-board batteries. Using LED lighting on your boat will help save energy and extend the life of your on-board batteries and your boat’s engine.

LEDs also require little space which helps boaters and fisherman a lot since space is often important on the floor of a decked-out fishing boat.

LED lights emit more light making them an ideal choice for marine light bars. If you’re fishing before sunset or after dark, it’s important that you can be seen by other anglers. Having bright LED lights on board is just another step you can take to make sure you stay safe. The last thing you want during a nighttime fishing trip is for your old bulbs to burn out, leaving you invisible to everyone else on the water.

On the subject of safety, installing LED lights can also help you make your way back to port more safely and make it easier to move around your boat. If you’re a fisherman, chances are you have lots of equipment laying on the deck of your boat. If you’re fishing in the dark, you don’t want to trip and injure yourself and proper LED lighting can solve that problem easily.

If you’re looking to install LED marine light bars, marine LED light strips or marine LED spreader lights to your boat, this guide explains the benefits of different types of LED lighting in a boat.

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