5 Components You Need to Build an Indoor Golf Simulator

Though nothing beats like the real thing having a home golf simulator can offer you a much similar experience you’d get on a normal golf course. Golfers can now enjoy a perfect round in the comfort of their home thanks to technological advancements that has seen the introduction of virtual simulating games. However, when it comes to setting up an indoor golf simulator, there are many different combinations and configurations you can use. In fact, it’s a pool of options out there and knowing what components to choose can be overwhelming, especially with limited information.

What do you need to build your own indoor golf simulator?

Each golf simulator is designed with nuanced features that meet specific golfers’ needs and offer different golfing experiences. There are five main components of a complete and functioning home golf simulator. But before you even start to buy anything, ask yourself whether this is a permanent project or just something you’re trying out. This is an important consideration that will help to inform the type of components to buy. If you’re only trying out and not really keen on the specifics, you may want to consider budget-friendly options.


This is the most critical component of an indoor golf simulator and it’s the actual sensor system that allows you enjoy the virtual game. The simulator is fitted with different types of sensors such as optical sensor club, ball tracking and putting sensors to help track and measure the shot details. The type of simulator you’ll choose will depend on your play style, budget, room space among other important factors. That’s why it’s necessary to work with a professional who can help you choose the right simulator to avoid buying disappointments.

Hitting Mat

Mats are an important part of the home golf simulators as they provide an ideal surface for hitting the balls. Hitting mats are generally heavy and come in multiple options. Premium options are durable and offer superior performance than cheaper versions which will wear down quickly.

For you to even start playing, the golf simulator software needs to be run using a computer -a laptop, desktop or tablet. If you have a computer already, ensure it has the right features and capacity to run the software. Having a dedicated computer for the simulator can make the entire experience seamless.

Screen and Nets

Nets and screens help to protect your walls and projector when taking a shot. Impact screens come in a range of designs and quality and vary a lot in terms of prices. In addition, screens and nets are useful in deterring errant shots. You may also consider using a net without a projector and simulate the game on a computer screen or have it extended to a TV.


Choosing the right projector for your home golf simulator can be challenging considering each room has its own specification including size, light and the software resolution. Some projectors are not designed for indoor golf simulators and so you should ensure you pick what is right.

In addition to choosing the best simulator components, you need adequate space for setting up the system. Now whether you’re a beginner or a professional golfer, an indoor simulator can go a long way to improve your game.

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