4 Types of Summer Day Camps Tailor-Made to Suit Your Child’s Personality

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Keeping kids busy with a full itinerary of fun activities during the summer months can be difficult, especially when you have children with different interests. For instance, if one child loves playing sports, but another prefers science over soccer, then you could wind up forcing one kid into an activity he or she has no interest in.

Fortunately, however, there are 12,000 daytime and sleepaway camps in the United States, with at least 5,000 of those dedicated to day programs. With so many different types of kids camps, there is bound to be at least one type that your children will love to attend. Check out this handy guide to see which day camps will have activities perfectly suited to your child’s personality:

If your child likes to learn…

Why not try a camp with science-based activities? It can be a struggle to get kids to learn during their summer vacations, but kids may have fun exploring the world of science with experiments and other learning opportunities. These types of day camps are ideal for children who may want to go into STEM careers one day, and some camps focus exclusively on promoting science and math education to young girls.

If your kid likes to perform…

Why not enroll your child in drama and arts camp? Whether your child is a natural-born performer or wants to get serious about the performance arts, there may be a camp that your children will love to attend. Not only are these camps ideal for young actors, but they’re also suited for musicians, dancers, and even visual artists.

If your child is sporty…

There are actually sports camps that can provide the right level of fitness for your children. For example, beach camps featuring beach volleyball or swimming might be perfect for the kids who love the outdoors. Children who want to experience a little bit of every type of sport may want to look into different kids fitness camps.

If your son or daughter likes the outdoors…

… Then there are plenty of summer camps that give kids the chance to get some sun and some physical activity. Beach camps, for instance, let kids play camp games like capture the flag and go swimming in the ocean; they can also learn skills like surfing or canoeing. Other day camps set in the woods or near lakes also give kids the chance to explore the outdoors and learn about the beauty of nature, all in a supervised environment.

What type of camp would your child like best? Tell us in the comments!

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