Drive, putt, simulate There Are Many Ways to Practice Your Golf Game

Golf is a very popular game. Approximately 2.2 million people took up the game in 2015, and millions play regularly every year. Most people play purely for fun, but others are more serious even though they are amateurs. They play regularly and register their scores to get rated with a handicap by the U.S. Golf […]


Science Behind Bat Shaving, Rolling and Accelerated Break-in Processes

Baseball or softball bat shaving and rolling are the two main processes used to magnify the trampoline effect and improve bat performance. However, these methods are not accepted in major tournaments and the regulating bodies consider them illegal — warranting penalties if one is found using doctored bats. The two processes, shaving and rolling, are […]


Indoor Golf Simulators Are The New Normal for Avid Golfers During In The Midst of a Pandemic

In an ideal world, golfers would be spending most of their time outdoors, enjoying a perfect round of golf all year round. But mother nature always wins with changing weather patterns and seasons that disrupt the sport, leaving you with no option but to try other indoor hobbies, which you’ll probably suck at first because […]


Are You Getting to Play Any Softball Games This Summer?

What a strange summer. Armed with the latest shaved fastpitch softball bats and scheduled with the area’s best pitching and hitting coaches, this summer before your daughter’s junior year in high school was supposed to be busy. Instead, those shaved fastpitch softball bats have not made it out of the backyard until now. The fact […]