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It is the season of football games and barbeque smokers, but at the same time as BBQ pits for sale are making their way to tailgate parties across the nation, some are also finding their way to a greater cause. in fact, on the first day of helping with the cleanup and recovery of Hurricane Harvey it was a set of BBQ pits for sale that helped feed nearly 100 people a day. With a team from Wisconsin, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, one volunteer crew of relatives and friends prepared smoked salmon, chicken, and several kinds of steak, along with burgers and brauts. The decision to serve a few really delicious meals to the hungry crews who had been working tirelessly to rescue those stranded in flood waters was critical to boosting the moral.
It is not totally uncommon to find out that in the midst of both celebrations and tragedies, food can be the solution. The solution to celebrating either a success in football or in life itself. The solution to easing the pain of disappointments in sporting events and the sorrow in tragedies involving loss of life and home.

What Was the Reason for Your Last BBQ Celebration?
From the hurricanes of Texas and Florida to the football fields of Nebraska and Wisconsin, this is the season of BBQ pit smokers and gatherings. From gatherings that are used to bring people together after a victory to nourishment for people who have been working night and day, food can cure many ills. When the food is good old fashioned BBQ, though, the food can seem like magic for the soul.

Consider these facts and figures about the BBQ food industry and the people who most like this cuisine:

  • The longest barbecue marathon was held in 2014 and ran for 80 hours, according to Guinness World Records.
  • 75% of U.S. households own a smoker or grill, according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA).
  • Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, and Carolina are the four main styles of barbecue.
  • 79.1 million Americans reported grilling in 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Even though safe grilling requires proper inside meat temperatures, only 46% of participants never use a thermometer when cooking chicken, according to data from the most recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration survey.
  • When the grilling is over, turning on all burners to the highest setting for 15 minutes can easily burn away excess residue on a gas grill and make cleaning a breeze.

Finding the right kind of BBQ is the goal of some of the best cooks in Texas and many other states. Do you have plans to fire up the smoker for next weekend’s game? Maybe it is time for you to look at BBQ pits for sale and to start planning his menu.

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